General Contracting

General contracting has traditionally been the most common project delivery method. Clients self-plan and oversee design of the project, tender for construction, then select the winning bidder.

  • We provide feedback on design drawings that help lower cost and deliver a better project quality.
  • We manage time and resources efficiently by our experienced construction team.
  • We use our in-house supporting facilities making us more efficient.
  • We have trusted network of subcontractors and suppliers. 


We provide both design and construction services as a one-stop service. Design-Build allows for faster work completion at substantial cost savings compared to general contracting.

  • We manage the entire life-cycle of a project, from design to construction.
  • Our designers work proactively with our engineering team to deliver cost-effective solutions.
  • We understand project objectives and translate them into the right materials and construction methods.
  • We focus on making sure all our clients’ priorities are met.

Supporting Facilities

Our modernized supporting facilities provide a major strategic advantage in capitalizing each project’s quality and completion time.


Location: 101/1 Moo 7, Bangdua, Muangpathumtani, Pathumtani 12000

Steel Fabrication

Our steel fabrication shop is integrated with an advanced precision CNC machine capable of mass production volumes while maintaining minimal tolerances.

Blasting and Painting

Fully enclosed blasting and painting facilities provide top quality surface preparation for steel structures.

Metal Sheet Forming

In-house production of metal roofing and siding with our automated roll-forming machine enabling high production efficiency with a variety of shapes and forms.